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Bahrum Mehr, DDS

Dentistry is all about building relationships and Dr. Mehr makes getting to know the person behind the smile his number one priority. His underlying practice philosophy is based on treating the patient as a whole; providing quality dental care while taking into consideration the esthetic, lifestyle and psychological needs that make us who we are. Because Dr. Mehr firmly believes it is the patient who should ultimately be in control of their own health, your input and readiness to proceed are paramount before beginning the journey to a better smile. Dr. Mehr is honored to serve the needs of Kitsap County by providing thorough examinations and professional recommendations as to what treatment is best in a friendly, comfortable atmosphere.

Dr. Mehr graduated from the University of Washington with Bachelor of Science degrees in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology. During his time in college he was involved in numerous extracurricular activities to satisfy both his philanthropic and academic interests. After taking a year to continue his research at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Institute where his work focused on the earlier detection of oral cancer through genetic screening, Dr. Mehr enrolled in the University of Washington School of Dentistry to complete his Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S) degree. While in school, Dr. Mehr participated in numerous local and international volunteering opportunities as well as several honors courses which not only strengthened his clinical skills but his desire to excel in all aspects of this wonderful profession. Having a well-rounded interest and appreciation for all areas of dentistry, Dr. Mehr continues to further his expertise by taking part in everything from nationally recognized continuing education courses to locally run study clubs right here in Kitsap county.

Born and raised in the Greater Seattle Area, Dr. Mehr couldn't imagine calling anywhere other than the Pacific Northwest home! Having been blessed with so many friends and family in the area, Dr. Mehr's main pastime is keeping in touch with the very people who continue to enrich his life. Whether it's catching up over dinner, shooting hoops after work or a relaxing afternoon watching Sunday football; nothing is more important to Dr. Mehr than spending time with his loved ones whenever he can.

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