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Bahrum Mehr DDS

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Dr. Bahrum Mehr wearing a suit while stood outside the office
Dr. Mehr standing outside while wearing a suit

‘‘We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."

– Aristotle

I graduated from the University of Washington with Bachelor of Science degrees in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology. During my time as an undergraduate, I was involved in numerous extracurricular activities to satisfy both my philanthropic and academic interests.

After taking a year to continue my research at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Institute where my work focused on the earlier detection of oral cancer through genetic screening, I enrolled in the University of Washington School of Dentistry to complete my Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S) degree.

While in school, I participated in numerous local and international volunteering opportunities as well as several honors courses, which not only strengthened my clinical skills but also my desire to excel in all aspects of this wonderful profession. Having a well-rounded interest and appreciation for all areas of dentistry, I continue to further my expertise by taking part in everything from nationally recognized continuing education courses to locally run study clubs.

Dr. Bahrum Mehr explaining to his assistant in the dental office today's notes while holding a clipboard

Why Dentistry?

While I always knew this wouldn’t be an easy profession, providing a complete stranger with the smile they’ve always wanted in an environment in which they felt comfortable has always been a challenge I felt was worthy of spending a lifetime in pursuing.

I don’t just work on mouths, I work on people, each with their own specific barriers to achieving exceptional oral health. My passion is in helping patients overcome those obstacles by listening to what their goals are, coming up with a clear treatment plan, and then providing them with the high-quality care they deserve. It was this unique opportunity to utilize my problem-solving abilities as well as the technical aptitude I had working with my hands which led me to become the best dentist I could be.

My greatest satisfaction is in becoming the provider you would feel completely confident recommending to your friends and family too. This not only means having the clinical skills to produce exceptional work but also the integrity to always do what is right. The best part of my job is in earning a patient’s trust and then maintaining that special bond through years of exceptional care.

Dr. Bahrum Mehr holding a clipboard and talking to one of his assistants
What do you do outside of the office?

As someone fortunate enough to live in the Pacific Northwest I enjoy hiking, kayaking, jogging, and whatever else I can do outdoors (weather permitting).

What was the best day of your life and why?

Although there are many, two that stand out are the day I was accepted into dental school and the day I graduated.

Who is your hero? Why?

William T. G. Morton, the father of modern anesthesia. I could not even imagine being a dentist (or going to the dentist myself) were it not for our ability to get patients profoundly numb during certain procedures.

What flavor ice cream would you be?

There is no particular flavor. Just enjoy your favorite and be careful if you have sensitive teeth!

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